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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose to hire an advocate? 
Many parents are happy with their child's programming but choose to use an advocate to support them through the special education and/or 504 process. Many parents consider the use of an advocate because they are frustrated with current programs and/or lack of appropriate services for their child.  Parents of a newly diagnosed child with a disability may not understand how to navigate through the special education/504 system. An advocate can help in all these situations.

Why should I hire 101 Advocacy?
101 Advocacy can help you obtain the educational services your child needs. All advocates have worked for school districts and have specific skills and knowledge base to navigate the system; understand IDEA and other laws/regulations regarding the education of students with disabilities; and are passionate about ensuring that students with disabilities get the services they need.

What area do you service? 
101 Advocacy serves Texas. Our physical address is in San Antonio. However, phone or video conferencing is available throughout the state when 101 Advocacy's physical presence is not possible. 

What do you charge? 
The hourly charge for preparation and meeting time is $75.00 an hour. Outside a 20 mile radius from the office, there is an additional charge of $.50 a mile for travel expenses. Outside a 60 mile radius, there is an additional charge of $45 an hour for travel time.

Do you offer financial assistance?
101 Advocacy believes that families should not be without advocacy support simply for not having the financial means to secure an advocate. A payment plan can be arranged.